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Our Services 

Shoulder Massage

60minute  Custom Massage

* 60min Custom Massage *

* Hot Towels *

* Free Cupping Add On*

* Curated Relaxation Music *

Reiki Treatment

90 minute Custom Massage

* 90min Custom Massage *

* Hot Towels *

* Free Cupping Add On*

* Curated Relaxation Music *

Aromatherapy Add On

*  Custom Blends *

* Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils *

* Enhances Relaxation *

* Take Home Unused Oil for Home Application *



Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage

* 75min Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage *

* Trained by Josie Rushing of Brazilicious *

* Immune Boosting Session *

* Relaxation , Contouring , and Detoxing Massage *

* Signature Essential Oil Blend *



Peggy C.

I have had the opportunity to travel extensively and experience massage therapy in many different continents. What Deanna offers is incomparable; not only her knowledge, but the intuitiveness, the incredible intrinsic expertise and innate ability to discover all the areas needing attention(ie trigger points, inflamed areas) using cupping, essential oils, reiki to enhance treatment and wellness! Deanna’s inclusiveness in offering lymphatic massages (excellent) and aromatherapy is remarkable. I cannot recommend Deanna ENOUGH….very fortunate to have her phenomenal level of expertness, compassion and talent in providing not only superior physical massage but mental relaxation as well!


Aromatherapy Oil

Terra G.

Deanna is one of the kindest, most talented massage therapists I've ever worked with. She is intuitive, strong, and wildly knowledgeable. She knows exactly what you need and how to provide it in the best way possible. By incorporating techniques like stretching, aromatherapy, cupping and more, she gets to the heart of the issue and offers her clients deeply therapeutic and truly transformational healing sessions.

Reiki Treatment

Dr. Mary E.

I can't recommend Deanna enough! Not only is she great at figuring out what is going on, she is super responsive to how her clients' bodies are doing and changes techniques accordingly. After months of suffering from unpredictable migraines and trying all sorts of solutions, it took Deanna about 15 minutes to figure out my jaw was the problem and was able to hone in on the muscles responsible and release them! I am so thankful and can't wait for my next massage!


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